Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The roof @ The Met

That's Jordan and I making a heart in the reflection of a giant heart statue. So creative! I just love the met. So much amazing art to see and the view on the roof is stellar!

Walking through Central Park on our way to The Met.

Celebrity Spotting in Central Park

Twas a lover-ly little ride through the park. Even more great was the fact we totally saw HEIDI KLUM with her kids in on our way into the park on Friday. We contimplated following her for a bit, but then Jordan and I decided we weren't complete creeps and we should probably move on with our lives. lol. She looked killer though. Better than on TV with both agreed. Project Runway here I come!

Anyone recognize the man behind me????? Cash prize for his name!!!

Taylor and I went for this tour type boat ride one day and this man and his mulitple secret service guys joined us. We can't figure out who this mystery man is... any thoughts?? let me know!!

Coney Island

What a good time! Angie and I started a dance party! Jordan showed off some special moves on his own before taking me out for a spin. It was a blast to say the least. There are some... um... unique people down on Coney Island, certainly not what I expected. It was fun to see and speculate, a very good people watching spot.

Vespa Rides Down Fifth

Jordan's good friend has a vespa, Jordan is basically in love with it. He's in constant consideration of buying one. So we took his friend's out for a little cruise. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. So nice on a summer night to cruise down fifth and around our neighborhood. I totally fell in love with it! Hopefully Jordan gets one (wink wink) shhhh don't tell Mom though, she's anti!

In Brooklyn Again

We always have s good time walking across Brooklyn Bridge. It's gorgeous at sunset. There's a really cute little creamery right on the water on the brooklyn side and it lovely to enjoy ice cream on the water and look at downtown all lit up. These are pictures of our favorite mexican resturant that's over there. It's called Alma... its YUM!!!

Typical New York TImes...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jersey Shore... east coast beach

John Mayer Colbie Calliat Concert

It was basically awesome. The venue was great, right on the water. Only thing that wasn't ideal was that it rained on us. BLA. Jordan and I came prepared though with blankets and umbrellas. We made a little tent and it turned out to be fun. Jordan even slow danced with me, to a Colbie song. Definately a great summer night!