Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When we were in CA

Well being away from home for so long naturally we spent most of our time at the beach.There's todd and Brynie, tender moment. haha.Mom with the surfin boys, Cars and I playing, & Jordan and I at ponto. And of course Matt, riding his board instead on the waves. Typical Matt so anti just taking a nice picture.
It looks to me like Bryn wants to be a dentist when she grows up! She and Jordan had a good time. She's such a little examiner. I miss the little ones. I can't wait to be done with school and close to home to play more!

Blanding Visit

It was a very busy week spent in Blanding, not much time to get a lot of great shots, between    t-ball, gymnastics, baseball, horses, ponies, baby ponies, dogs, moving, and a dance recital we barely made it out alive. Ha Ha. It was so fun to play with the kids. I miss them so much when I'm away. It's seriously so hard to see how much the grow in such a short time. I hate missing out. Good news is the Jensen family is so much more accessible now!! Finally, somewhere we can get to. Cheyenne here we come!

Central Park Day & Row Boats

On memorial day we attempted the beach, for some weird reason it decided to be freezing and too windy to even think so we headed back into the city and hit up Central Park instead. This turned out to be a MARVELOUS way to spend the day. After lounging around on the grass in the sun for a good while we walked down to the boat house and then took a row boat out. So romantic. We rowed around for about 10 mins and then Jordan spent about 30 mins getting the perfect shot of us "rowing around" haha. We had a really good time. Practically perfect day!

Dating in the City

So basically we've been on some pretty stellar dates thus far. On of my favorites was this chocolate place called Max Brenner. It's SO GOOD. It really filled part of my missing london void to be able to get some good chocolate in my system. For my birthday Jordan took me shopping! He knows me too well. We turned the day into an extreme outing and I packed us lunches :) pink for me blue for Jordan.  We also went to this little place in the east village ( I think) that serves only french fries and all different dipping sauces. YUM. Then there was attempted beach day. It was so windy we had to raincheck.

Dinner @ the Boat Basin

Movin on up... to the west side!

Well here is my home sweet home! It's still undergoing decor work but it's a start. Hey Matt, aren't you proud none of that is on the bathroom counter? Ha Ha. My room over looks the hudson. It's GORGEOUS. There are some beautiful roses Jordan got me, house-warming gift! Such a thoughtful one. Plus on my first day I rode in the underwater subway. It's painted like the ocean. It made me feel less homesick! Hello manhattan here I am!!

Tate & Kate B-day Bash

Since Tay's birthday is the day after mine we got together with friends to celebrate! we had a great time, and don't eve worry we even had a pinata! It was for sure good times. So nice to have all my friends from home together!

Turning Twenty-One !!!

Family party was so much fun. I love getting together with everyone so much. I so grateful a lot of us live in Southern California and we can do things that this. Thanks to everyone for the sweet cards and gifts! 

There's also a pic of Tay and I. I made us a b-day breakfast! It was tender, to say the least!

Visit to NYC

Instead of flying right home after London I stopped in NYC for a few days!!!! It was SO good to finally see Jordan and explore a new city! We went out to dinner at the Hudson Hotel. It was a really fun atmosphere. The next day we made breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, fruit, and juice, Jordan is a good cook) before heading to the bronx zoo with Jordan's roommate Ryan and his girlfriend Whitney. They are really fun to go out with! There's a pic of Whitney and I checking her into The Waldorf. Lovely hotel! 

While Jordan was at work I explored the city, checked out my new apartment, got to know the subways (which by the way are awful compared to the tube in london) went on some interviews, and did a little shopping, wink wink! I got to meet him for lunch everyday too. It was cool to finally see where he worked and what not! The days flew by and I had to head home, but luckily Jordan got an interview with Pimco and they flew him down to CA for the weekend! YEAH!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Slow Internet.

Well I'm trying to get old pics up so I can start putting up current posts, but my internet is being really irritating. YUCK! I'm working on it and I'll update so there after! 

Monday, May 19, 2008

Leftover London