Sunday, August 7, 2011

so long

... farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu 
(adieu, adieu... to you and you and you)
once upon a time there was a tiny blogger girl. she loved all things blogger and she blogged her little heart out in her own little blog garden, but then the terrible.awful. happened. 
big bad google+ came and stomped on all her pretty blogging.
she knew she had to rebuild, but she also knew this would not be easy. the time had come to say goodbye.
so the tiny blogger girl started over. with a little help she made something brand new.
& she blogged happily every after.

this little blogger girl is scooting on. come see my new home

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


in 6 days I'll be in california...
soaking up some much needed sun.

Ill also be shooting some mini sessions.
email me if you are interested.

matchy matchy

anyone know where I can get a good brush set??
{not one of the 4 piece promo sets, but a good 12-15er}

 I have weird thing about wanting all the same brushes.
Im strange, I know.

side note: when we moved to the new place I tricked jordan into taking two different trips to bed, bath, and beyond to get enough of the right kind of hanger. I was determined to have a closet with the same matching black hangers.

needless to say i think jordan got a whole new understanding of what he got himself into after our first official move together.