Wednesday, August 3, 2011

matchy matchy

anyone know where I can get a good brush set??
{not one of the 4 piece promo sets, but a good 12-15er}

 I have weird thing about wanting all the same brushes.
Im strange, I know.

side note: when we moved to the new place I tricked jordan into taking two different trips to bed, bath, and beyond to get enough of the right kind of hanger. I was determined to have a closet with the same matching black hangers.

needless to say i think jordan got a whole new understanding of what he got himself into after our first official move together.

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mkbruin said...

Boo! I just saw good brush sets on either Rue La La or Haute Look, like a week ago. I would say a flash sale is a great way to go for a discounted, quality 12-brush set. In my wildest fantasies I can afford to buy all my brushes from MAC, then I wake up.