Monday, July 28, 2008

Re-union Re-union Re-union union union!!!

I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see you guys!!! I miss my family! I totally love the reunions regardless, but being being away from everyone all summer has been rough. It's hard being across the country from everyone, althought I'm really glad we're all settled on the west coast. While I love Manhattan I'm really a west coast girl at heart and I can't wait to settle over there and be close to everyone!

I'm so looking forward to enjoying nature and good family time. I hope everyone is coming! See you soon!!!


Classic Spenz!!!

Oh the babies!

Sure love you all so much! I was so grateful for this reunion! I had such an amazing time visiting with everyone. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful brothers and sisters who inspire me so much! I talked to Trev a lot this reunion about how grateful we are for our family and how important it is to both of us to learn our family history so we can continue of tradtions when we have families of our own. I look forward to passing on stories to my future family!!!

Gossip Girl

A taste of my job...

I'm going through the inventory book and notice someone has checked out a lot of clothes in a recent order. When I look at the rented to... it says gossip girl clothes dept. UM TIGHT. There's no normal here in New York, Everyone I know has some stellar job... such successful, talented, smart people. It's amazing! I brush shoulder with some unreal people. I guess it's really true

If you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere!!!!

More date nights... its resturant week people!

So there's

Ruth Chris
Serendipity ...

We did a lot of eating this week!!! My favorite thing to do in NY. So during resturant week, a lot of places do a pre-fixed menu for a flat rate. It's great because you can go try things/place you might not normally. I LOVED IT. Big GIANT thanks to Jordan for taking me on so many great dinner dates!

Jordan's Birthday... 26 meets 21

Well this weekend we celebrated Jordan's bug 26. THE GOLDEN BDAY. We started on friday evein by meeting on the brooklyn bridge. We walked across at sunset, which in my opinion gives the most gorgeous city view of anywhere I've ever seen. On the brooklyn side we met up with a few friends. Two of Jordan's roomates and their dates. We went to a really good mexcian resturant called Alma we'd seen on Vanity Fair's "Summer in NY" list. It was great food and had a gorgeous view of downtown manhattan.

Then on saturday we had a few adventures. We started with brunch at good enough to eat. Which was killer... ew had strawberry pancakes with fresh strawberries and strawberry butter. lol. YUM! Then we went over to the Chelsea piers and hit a flew balls and the driving range. I learned something new... haha. We had the best coconut shrimp and the grill there, with pineapple sauce, again YUM.

After a little relaxation we got a dressed up for dinner reservations at La Esquina! This was my favorite part of the day. So we walk into the this little taco shop in soho and there's a lady in all black at this unmarked dark, we tell her our names and that we have reservations, she checks a clip board and says, "You can go ahead on down" as she reached for her walkie talkie. We go down some stairs and blank hallway and then get ushered through the actual kitchen and a few more turns to the resturant. It feels like we are in a spanish prison somewhere! Everything is all candle lit! We had some pretty divine food here too!!

Then there was b-day festivites. I had my room and decorated and I made a cake for Jordan. I sang for him too!! Then we opened presents and after we basically colasped of tiredness. All in all it was a pretty fabulous weekend!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


For the fourth of July this year we went down to DC with a group of kids from the ward. I really liked DC a lot. The history of the place truly amazed me and made me more proud of this beautiful country we live in.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Family in the CITY!

Well because Mom got accepted to a teaching conference that happened to be in Jersey, she was able to come spend the weekend with me! It's so fun to have visitors and I can always count on mom to visit. I love having her. I was so excited to show her my apt, neighborhood and the city of course. We jam packed every day! That seem week Jordan's older brother, Jason, and his wife Mandy, came to the city for business. We sorta combined parties and had a few great adventures all together. One of the most memorable being Canal street...

Mandy, mom and I went down to explore canal street in search of some purses. Now I have to say as a disclaimer I normally am against fakes (being a fashionista) but hey sometimes a girls just gotta do what a girl has gotta do. Anyways, Mandy really wanted one for her and her mother, and mom was looking for a summer bag, so I wanted to find them good ones. Long story short we ended up in the back of a van with blacked out windows and a tiny asian lady and came out with 6 purses!!!! Mandy had 3, mom had two, and well I needed a marc jacobs lol. It was definitely and unforgettable outing.

Our next adventure was the beast...

It's a speed boat ride that takes you around manhattan. It's great fun despite getting splashed relentlessly with the hudson and the water guns the crew carries. That night we had dinner at a great barbecue place and then went to see a view of the city at the top of Rockefeller Centre.

Mom and I did a lot of fun activities. The temple is really close to my house so we went to see that on our way out one day.

Our last night together we had dessert at Max Brenner, after Mom and I went to see a play. It was a good time. I was so grateful to have Mom come visit me. She's always very good about that! Thanks for a great week mom!