Friday, July 18, 2008

Family in the CITY!

Well because Mom got accepted to a teaching conference that happened to be in Jersey, she was able to come spend the weekend with me! It's so fun to have visitors and I can always count on mom to visit. I love having her. I was so excited to show her my apt, neighborhood and the city of course. We jam packed every day! That seem week Jordan's older brother, Jason, and his wife Mandy, came to the city for business. We sorta combined parties and had a few great adventures all together. One of the most memorable being Canal street...

Mandy, mom and I went down to explore canal street in search of some purses. Now I have to say as a disclaimer I normally am against fakes (being a fashionista) but hey sometimes a girls just gotta do what a girl has gotta do. Anyways, Mandy really wanted one for her and her mother, and mom was looking for a summer bag, so I wanted to find them good ones. Long story short we ended up in the back of a van with blacked out windows and a tiny asian lady and came out with 6 purses!!!! Mandy had 3, mom had two, and well I needed a marc jacobs lol. It was definitely and unforgettable outing.

Our next adventure was the beast...

It's a speed boat ride that takes you around manhattan. It's great fun despite getting splashed relentlessly with the hudson and the water guns the crew carries. That night we had dinner at a great barbecue place and then went to see a view of the city at the top of Rockefeller Centre.

Mom and I did a lot of fun activities. The temple is really close to my house so we went to see that on our way out one day.

Our last night together we had dessert at Max Brenner, after Mom and I went to see a play. It was a good time. I was so grateful to have Mom come visit me. She's always very good about that! Thanks for a great week mom!

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