Monday, July 28, 2008

Jordan's Birthday... 26 meets 21

Well this weekend we celebrated Jordan's bug 26. THE GOLDEN BDAY. We started on friday evein by meeting on the brooklyn bridge. We walked across at sunset, which in my opinion gives the most gorgeous city view of anywhere I've ever seen. On the brooklyn side we met up with a few friends. Two of Jordan's roomates and their dates. We went to a really good mexcian resturant called Alma we'd seen on Vanity Fair's "Summer in NY" list. It was great food and had a gorgeous view of downtown manhattan.

Then on saturday we had a few adventures. We started with brunch at good enough to eat. Which was killer... ew had strawberry pancakes with fresh strawberries and strawberry butter. lol. YUM! Then we went over to the Chelsea piers and hit a flew balls and the driving range. I learned something new... haha. We had the best coconut shrimp and the grill there, with pineapple sauce, again YUM.

After a little relaxation we got a dressed up for dinner reservations at La Esquina! This was my favorite part of the day. So we walk into the this little taco shop in soho and there's a lady in all black at this unmarked dark, we tell her our names and that we have reservations, she checks a clip board and says, "You can go ahead on down" as she reached for her walkie talkie. We go down some stairs and blank hallway and then get ushered through the actual kitchen and a few more turns to the resturant. It feels like we are in a spanish prison somewhere! Everything is all candle lit! We had some pretty divine food here too!!

Then there was b-day festivites. I had my room and decorated and I made a cake for Jordan. I sang for him too!! Then we opened presents and after we basically colasped of tiredness. All in all it was a pretty fabulous weekend!!!

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