Monday, July 28, 2008

Re-union Re-union Re-union union union!!!

I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see you guys!!! I miss my family! I totally love the reunions regardless, but being being away from everyone all summer has been rough. It's hard being across the country from everyone, althought I'm really glad we're all settled on the west coast. While I love Manhattan I'm really a west coast girl at heart and I can't wait to settle over there and be close to everyone!

I'm so looking forward to enjoying nature and good family time. I hope everyone is coming! See you soon!!!


Classic Spenz!!!

Oh the babies!

Sure love you all so much! I was so grateful for this reunion! I had such an amazing time visiting with everyone. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful brothers and sisters who inspire me so much! I talked to Trev a lot this reunion about how grateful we are for our family and how important it is to both of us to learn our family history so we can continue of tradtions when we have families of our own. I look forward to passing on stories to my future family!!!

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