Sunday, January 27, 2008

hyde park workout

On days we don't have class the girls and I love to go on runs/walks together. Theses are just a few of a fabulous photo shoot.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

.new and improved.

Well in reviewing my new blog I've noticed my lack of proof reading is not very flattering. I'm so busy here sometimes it's just faster to leave everything in lowercase and just get it out. so I apologize in advance for my sometimes speedily written work. I however have resolved to use my best grammar and punctuation techniques when time allows. Just thought I'd start off with that announcement today.

It's my free day and I'm about to go for a run in Hyde Park. This inspires me to tell you about my last run in Hyde Park. It was a sight to behold. Wearing my normal running entire from home I left the house in my spandex capris and a long sleeve shirt. When I rounded the corner of the street I live on I was brutally attacked by the wind. I was practically frozen solid by the time I'd arrived at the park a block from our flat and tears were literally running down my cheeks from the wind. This was only the beginning. 

 The park is really beautiful and there's so much to see. I love going to the pond. It's filled with swans and it's such a big open space I feel like it's the only place I can really breathe in the city. As I was headed in that direction I began getting, well bothered, by the overwhelming amount of couples on the main walk way. I mean come on people it's early saturday morning mid winter. Let's be practical, stay at home, or at least of the park where you can't torture me! Anyways, I took a more deserted route to get to the pond in order to avoid weaving between them, very muddy, not my best plan, and we'll leave it at that.

 After I took a few loops around the pond I decided to head up the main walkway back home. Unfortunately one of those early morning walking couples had been feeding the pigeons along the stretch I was rapidly approaching. With no other choice I hesitantly continued forward into the parade of birds and as I did so they in unison took flight aiming for... ME! I am not a statue for perching I kept thinking and I started charging backwards in retreat. They just kept coming and I began to panic, I could not help but squeal and as a last resort fling my hands about like a lunatic in a last attempt of escape. Luckily I shoved myself into a tight enough ball on the concrete they flew past above me. Never been more grateful in my life.

 Finally able to relax I finished my run with one of my favorite songs which I uncontrollably "ROCK OUT" to as I run. As I'm practicing my moves down the path I notice a near by photographer who was previously shooting the birds aiming his camera at me. I drop my arms and come to a halt looking at him. He drops his camera and starts the laughing and says, "Its just looked like you were having so much fun!" Trying not to look totally horrified I smile and keep running. I made it home just in time for breakfast... but don't worry I tripped on the porch steps on my way in! ;)

So much for looking the part of a young fit british girl on her regular jog, I guess unprepared, klutzy, dancing, american tourist is more my style... at least for now!

Monday, January 21, 2008

becoming a true brit.

well here i am being queen in the kings cross station. and yes im practicing my royal duties quite well as you can see. even fencing practice. 

this saturday we visited and open tour of the temple church and also its surroundings. this is where much of the law business takes place (you'll be happy to know dad) and also where some of the da vinci code was filmed. it was so interesting. afterwards we saw some students from the london arts and drama academy who had been trained for three years in stage combat. it was really an awesome performance!!! we barrowed there swords for a bit of play after.

the hogwarts express

yes its true, there in kings cross station lies the platform 9 and 3/4, where harry potter himself catches the train every year on his way to hogwarts ( the magic school of witch craft and wizardry or course) he he

the white cliff

if you think all these shots of the cliff are beautiful you should see the country side we drove through on the way there!!! miles of rolling hills and the greenest grass sprinkled with the fluffy white puffs of sheep. and the little country cottages are a dream come true. looking over the edge to the chalky white cliffs is one of those moments you never forget. they are nothing like what you imagine and there's no way to describe how beautiful they are. you can see why england prides them so much. and again im reminded of gods hand in all that surrounds me.

canterbury and rye

on our first feild trip we started the day in canterbury . its was a literally awesome experience to behold this beautiful church where christianity in britain began and also where st. thomas was martyred. is stunning, to see all the enormous stained glass windows, monstrous pillars, and delicate decor.  and although i was struck by its rare beauty i thought of the san diego temple and its celestial beauty. there is none that hold up in comparison to a place i have so much belief in.

 being in england and studying its religious history i've come to understand god's hand is in all things, past and present. this miraculous earth and all of its history is a part of his eternal plan. its all connected and so are we.

Rye is a gorgeous little town in i think east sussex. the cobble stone streets and miniature boutiques are very charming. we werent able to stop long because we were headed to the cliff of dover, but its was nice to see this nice little village even for a short time.

an evening on the town

this is picadilly circus, its basically like the times square of london and its one of my most favorite places to go. theres always people here no matter what time or day of the week it is. its a great place to explore endless rows of shops and restaurants. its very near the theater district and the big cinema where they have movie premiers. its a sight to see! alyssa and i go there regularly and have already established a ritual gelato shop that serves ice cream on warm waffles with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. yes its off to a good start!!!

doctor pepper & i love each other

although london and home are seriously like comparing night and day i've found that there are lots of comforts of home if you know where to look. of course you don't have to look very hard for somethings, there is a mcdonald's almost everywhere. but we've outlawed eating anywhere not british in nature and even stepping foot into a store that we have in the states. its worked out quite nicely thus far. everything europe is wonderful.

various london sites

london tower > london bridge>looking out over the thames> and trafalga square.  this was a particularly dreary day but london's weather is not all that bad. maybe my view of not at that bad has been tainted by the arctic wasteland of rexburg.  but i think its just something you have to get used to. i'm well equipped and becoming used to having my rain-boots and umbrella as my best friend.

oh the brits.

well i cant miss california too much for alining the main street to the nearest tube stop are these mini palm trees. and when the rain is coming down i look at those palm trees and if i close my eyes i can almost here the waves. but then i go into the underground. notting hill tube stop... filled with interesting sights where ever you look. performers and people on their way to work. i'm pretty good at the navigation of it all at this point. i know all the lines and connections. i'm happy to sit and people watch as the tube zips me along under the the wet london earth and then i step off the train "mind the gap please" ... and i'm off on my next london adventure.
the house is lovely. it is in a gorgeous part of town... very posh. its like a dream. the house has been around since about 1830 and its stunning. actually ernest shackleton (famous artic explorer) lived here at one time. his story is truly amazing you've got to read about him if you haven't already. i share a LARGE ( which is odd because almost nothing is large here) room on the third floor with 13 other girls!! but its not quite as bad as it sounds. we all get along great and have some laws about personal space and respect (declaration on said law announced and instated by me of course :)  but there was a vote don't worry) and its worked great and we are all having so much fun getting to know each other. im so lucky to have such great girls on the trip with me.

our house, in the middle of our street...

there she is. number 27 palace court, kensington. i feel like ive been sucked into a movie.  
our first night in london. I HAVE ARRIVED!! there's so much to say about this magical place. we saw les mis tonight. it was absolutely stellar. i totally cried, but lets be honest thats no big thing. 

this is a picture of alyssa and i. my saving grace. haha no but really you know when you meet someone, and you just get each other. for example, "ill say i need some chocolate right now, dont you?" and as i turn around to see her response shes already in line at the vendor in tube. its like we can practically read each others mind!!! we've found not being homesick is very easy considering we have a piece of california living right in the center with us (each other)
and we've made it a point to take london by storm.

they call us blondie and brunette...  watch out brits here we come!!!