Monday, January 21, 2008

becoming a true brit.

well here i am being queen in the kings cross station. and yes im practicing my royal duties quite well as you can see. even fencing practice. 

this saturday we visited and open tour of the temple church and also its surroundings. this is where much of the law business takes place (you'll be happy to know dad) and also where some of the da vinci code was filmed. it was so interesting. afterwards we saw some students from the london arts and drama academy who had been trained for three years in stage combat. it was really an awesome performance!!! we barrowed there swords for a bit of play after.


Matt & Brooke said...

Love your blog, and love reading about all your adventures...i'm now officially jealous seeing all those fun pics! Take care, we miss our auntie Kaite.

karen and floyd said...

Hey cutie. We love the blog! Looks like the London Fog is holding up well and you look great in it. I am amazed at how much you have seen already! You and Alyssa (sp?) look like sisters! Keep us posted. Love the pics. Love you so and miss you to pieces.
Mom and Dad