Monday, January 21, 2008

our first night in london. I HAVE ARRIVED!! there's so much to say about this magical place. we saw les mis tonight. it was absolutely stellar. i totally cried, but lets be honest thats no big thing. 

this is a picture of alyssa and i. my saving grace. haha no but really you know when you meet someone, and you just get each other. for example, "ill say i need some chocolate right now, dont you?" and as i turn around to see her response shes already in line at the vendor in tube. its like we can practically read each others mind!!! we've found not being homesick is very easy considering we have a piece of california living right in the center with us (each other)
and we've made it a point to take london by storm.

they call us blondie and brunette...  watch out brits here we come!!!

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Alyssa and Brady Davies said...

I just read this for the first time since I'm new to this blogging thing, and i almost cried. We written, we truly have such an amazing unique relationship. xoxo love you brunette!