Monday, January 21, 2008

canterbury and rye

on our first feild trip we started the day in canterbury . its was a literally awesome experience to behold this beautiful church where christianity in britain began and also where st. thomas was martyred. is stunning, to see all the enormous stained glass windows, monstrous pillars, and delicate decor.  and although i was struck by its rare beauty i thought of the san diego temple and its celestial beauty. there is none that hold up in comparison to a place i have so much belief in.

 being in england and studying its religious history i've come to understand god's hand is in all things, past and present. this miraculous earth and all of its history is a part of his eternal plan. its all connected and so are we.

Rye is a gorgeous little town in i think east sussex. the cobble stone streets and miniature boutiques are very charming. we werent able to stop long because we were headed to the cliff of dover, but its was nice to see this nice little village even for a short time.

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