Friday, April 29, 2011

your extra time and your... K.I.S.S.

I love me some M.A.C
I just noticed the left side are colors karen has given me and the right side are colors I have picked out but all have been worn :)
“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
Gwyneth Paltrow

Thursday, April 28, 2011

season kickoff bbq

since the sun is starting to show her face again we decided to celebrate by having some friends over for a little bbq with the mini grill.
the boys being boys and some of the girls chillin 
I cleared everything so we could all fit in our little shoebox
(I tossed in a few pictures of our apt for those of you who haven't seen it)
cheers to summertime

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"I was full of a hot, powerful sadness and would have loved to burst into the comfort of tears, but tried hard not to, remembering something my Guru once said -- that you should never give yourself a chance to fall apart because, when you do, it becomes a tendency and it happens over and over again. You must practice staying strong, instead."
-elizabeth gilbert

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

girl crush

meet bethenny 

jordan and I watch her show every week. he gives me a hard time about how similar we are in some ways. while her life is decidedly more glamorous than mine, due to her awesomeness, there have been more than a few scenes that are a little familiar. 

 but I heart her so... see why

I went to her book signing at my local B&N for her new book " A Place of Yes"
I told her that I loved her and I was pretty sure we were meant to be friends.
she agreed.
it was awesome.
there were HUNDREDS of people there and she signed every single book.
"The business of being happy requires making a conscious choice. People think being happy will just happen to them someday, if only they do this or that right. But it doesn't - you have to choose it. You choose happiness, you don't wait for it to choose you."
— Bethenny Frankel (A Place of Yes)

best friends forever

Monday, April 25, 2011

a drink with jam and bread

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.  ~Henry James
a couple weeks ago I invited the girls over for tea and biscuits
here is the table semi-set, I totally blanked taking one with everything out, but this will do

I am a FIRM BELIEVER in girl talk
{whatever that means to you}
its refreshing to sit down with women you admire, respect, and appreciate
and just talk
let your walls down...
or blab about the frivolous things.

I swear after every outing with these girls I come back a new woman.

if you haven't recently I highly recommend carving out sometime to connect with the ladies in your life. just laugh and do girlie things.
it feels lovely


Sunday, April 24, 2011


have a lovely easter sunday

Friday, April 22, 2011

as per your request

some peeps who don't usually go to trader joes asked about my favorites. so here are a few:

peppermint joes cookies
mac and cheese
olive oil popcorn
dark chocolate covered: cherries, pomegranate sees, and edamame
pre cut veggies: butternut squash, roast mix package, sweet potato slice for fries
ruby red sunrise grapefruit juice
simply almonds trek mix
whole wheat nan
poppy-seed rolls
fresh herb pizza dough
milk chocolate crisps
flax seed/veggie chips
all of their jams are divine
olive frozen pizza
chunky apple sauce
sutter's formula cookies: especially the peanut butter and chocolate chip
vanilla almond milk
molasses chews
meyer lemon cookies

and the list could do on and on

I got this cookbook which is meals with all trader joe products and literally rocks!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

mrs question mark

am I really a mrs.
today someone called me mrs. I paused for a minute and thought oh yeah, I am a mrs.
haha its almost been two years.
somehow it feels like we've always been together and that we just got married yesterday at the same time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


today my mc shay-shay gets here!
shes a peach and I can't wait for us to tear up nyc.
she's never been to a big city or taken public transportation... anywhere period.

this should be good

Monday, April 18, 2011

in the washington post

I never understood why so many of my friends had come to me at one point or another regarding a hateful, or negative sermon/lesson given about Mormonism at their own church. I never in all my 23 years have been given a lesson or attended a meeting in which the topic or purpose was to belittle another religion. It baffles me that many others spend time and energy belittling what we believe. Maybe it's because people feel "mormons" are so different. I don't feel all that different from my friends and neighbors. I think for the most part its easy/fun to create common-ground with those around me, so I can't be that strange. Anyways what I am really trying to get at is this article. My pretty/prego friend and fellow blogger jackie posted this a few days ago and I felt so refreshed after reading it.

The Christian case for Mormon values

With former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney both believed to be gearing up for a run for the presidency, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has again found itself answering questions about what these two prominent members believe.

Post reporter Sandhya Somashekhar wrote in a story published Tuesday that Mormon leaders see the ascendancy of these and other Mormons (such as convert Glenn Beck) as a sign "that the community has finally 'arrived,'" but added "researchers say there remains a deep mistrust of Mormons and that little has changed in public opinion to suggest that voters will be more open this year than they were in 2007." If conservative Christian and Mormons share a political agenda, why do suspicions still plague Mormon politicians? Do media personalities such as Glenn Beck help or hurt the cause?

God works in mysterious ways to perform his wonders. Old Testament prophets complained about the instruments God chose, but God went on being God despite their complaints. 2012 is likely to give Americans two serious candidates for president that are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). Many conservative Christians, for good and bad, get inspiration and information from Glenn Beck, who is also a member of the Church.

Should Americans be concerned? Bluntly, no, though those of us who are not Mormon should be depressed that such a small group has outworked, out thought, and out hustled us. Mormon success should spur traditional Christians, who outnumber Mormons by tens of millions, to do better.

Sadly ignorance of the LDS Church is widespread in our culture. Despite over a century of faithful citizenship and embracing family values, stupid stereotypes remain. Magically much of the media easily remembers Glenn Beck is Mormon, but keeps forgetting that Harry Reid is as well. Sacred garments on Christians and Jews are normal, but sacred garments on Mormons?

Of course, there is a vocal fringe of Americans who think any religious person is nuts. These equal-opportunity offenders can be ignored as invincibly ignorant. They don't respect Mormons, because they don't respect Christians, Jews, Muslims, or anybody who thinks we are more than computers made out of meat.

There is another group, sadly not so tiny, that cannot be friends or co-laborers with anyone who does not share their theology or ideology. This sectarianism is the bane of any movement, but most Americans know we can learn and work with almost anyone if they share our values in some area.

There are no good reasons not to consider voting for a Mormon. Theologically, I disagree with the faith's teachings. My professional speaking has included pointed academic encounters with LDS professors about our areas of disagreement. Simultaneously, serious disagreements have not prevented our making common cause on many issues.

Studying Mormonism closely did not make me a Mormon, to the contrary, but it did give an abiding respect for certain things the LDS Church gets right. They have demonstrated things worth knowing. If this is a Mormon moment in American history, there is a reason for it. Their virtues have particular civic relevance today and their theological vices (from my point of view) do not. The LDS I know love America , urge good behavior on their members, and promote many traditional American values. If that bothers you, vote for somebody else--the LDS will fight and die in the American forces for your right to do so.

The LDS church made North America sacred space. With Native Americans and Spanish mission builders in California , they have loved this land and made it part of their story. The Mormon revelation, whatever its origins, is centered in North America .

Part of that epic is actual Mormon history: born, bred, and thriving in the United States of America . Mormonism is old enough by American standards to feel "ancient," but young enough to make the founding stories easy for Americans to understand. Joseph Smith received his revelations closer than four score years after the American founding. Any literate English speaker can read founding Mormon documents without the need for much translation or scholarly explanation, but knowledge of American history is vital. Most Americans look abroad for holy land," but Mormons look here.

This gives them a passion for this place difficult for anyone else to match. Other religious groups must work harder to match this sense of place that the LDS Church has naturally.

A great weakness of our lives today is isolation and loneliness. Mormonism is one solution to that problem for many. LDS Church services to members and communities are a free market model for private charity. I have personally seen LDS charity help families that were not LDS, but related to a member The charity gave work-centered help that met needs without sacrificing dignity. The commendable community found in Mormonism should be imitated not attacked.

For good and bad, Mormonism is deeply American. Born on our frontier and nurtured in our wilderness, American values are Mormon values. And yet, no LDS swaggers into the culture assuming he will be accepted. Mormons know the imperfections of American life. An American mob murdered their founder. As a result of their history, Mormons have a thoughtful and subtle take on religion in the public square. This last week Dallin H. Oaks, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, gave an important speech at the Chapman University School of law in California on religious liberty.

I am sure Glenn Beck would agree that more Americans should read that speech, even if it meant turning off his program. Oaks, a professor and judge, not Beck, represents the best civic face of the LDS Church .

If this is, as the Washington post suggests, a Mormon moment, it is because Mormons clung to truths now unfashionable and addressed questions others ignore. They suffered exile in their own land, persecution, and the need to change important ideas to be part of the broader culture. This American experience taught them good lessons about America . Being right is powerful and most LDS are right on many of today's big issues: the nature of family, the protection of life, defense of religious liberty, and republican values.

Traditional Christians should learn from their example and patriotic Americans should celebrate their effective service. Mormons like Harry Reid will never get my vote, because his policy ideas do not match with mine, but a Mormon like Mitt Romney could, because I support his good ideas.

Providence works in peculiar ways and it is particularly odd for an evangelical and orthodox Christian to be grateful for this Mormon moment in American history. But if a biblical prophet could celebrate the pagan emperor Cyrus for being God's man to free his people, surely we can praise our Mormon countrymen for sounding a trumpet call to rally America to life and liberty .

Washington post article written by John Mark Reynolds | February 9, 2011; 7:29 pm et

Sunday, April 17, 2011

sunday share

"friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'what! you too? I thought I was the only one"
-c.s. lewis

Saturday, April 16, 2011

the case of the stolen purse

so when my mom, sister, and niece were visiting a sad sadness of a thing happened.
my niece set her purse down on top of her american girl doll in the kids department of h&m to try on a pair of shoes and someone took it.
it was heart breaking.
I mean I literally cried for her.
sure it was just a little kid purse but it was filled with her treasures:
her doll's glasses, her little wallet full of coins, some candy, and a digital camera I had given her for her trip. 
she loves to take pictures and had been snapping away the whole trip.
those can never be replaced.

even as Im writing this anger is welling up inside me at the person who would take a pink cheetah print purse from the kids department.

I know it seems like a silly thing to get so angry about, but its not just about the purse. on the way home it occurred to me that no matter what you do you cannot protect your kids (or those you love) from this world. you can try and try but sometimes life will win and something bad will happen that you cannot change or fix. 

 when I thought about how much I love my niece and how much I will love my children I started to panic. it was like a box of bricks fell on me while I sat there on the bus.
how will I ever survive when they are hurting?

 {by panic I mean I could not let this whole thing go. I lost sleep over this even after my family had gone home and had forgotten about the dumb purse.}

and I finally remembered my niece telling my mom, "maybe whoever took it, needed it more than I did"

 my heart melted. you can not protect them, but you can teach them.

you can love them and help them understand how much God loves them. because the truth is we can't avoid sadness, even when its not our fault... when we did everything right. bad things will happen and you can't save anyone from that, but you can help them be equip to move through it.

and that's what really matters. not that she has a cute cheetah purse and gets to take pictures with her camera, but that she knows how much God loves her and even when she is hurt he hasn't forgotten her.

thats the heart of the matter

Friday, April 15, 2011

friday night lights

I love this show, I love this show, I LOVE this show!
I know what you're thinking 
"like always kaitlyn, you are behind the times"
but I still have to say it... I LOVE FNL

It got me through the cold winter and I'm not gonna lie it reminded me of the "glory days"
I had such a blast being a cheerleader way back when. it's fun to reminisce about those times.

I've been watching this new ABC show "off the map" simply because the actor who plays Matt Saracen on FNL is on it. I still think of him as Saracen

for those who have seen this show you know what I mean when I say

rent it, netflix it, watch it online. whatever you have to do.
just get it done asap.
season five premieres tonight on NBC

Thursday, April 14, 2011

mum, keri & sky

in march we had my mom, sister & niece to visit over st. patrick's day
hence all the green
this is my happy place
is basically like hopping a plane to italy for lunch

we had a LOT of good food
{which we always do when visitors come, which means I'm always breaking my eating rules and therefore rapidly getting un-skinny. awesome}
we got a box to see phantom of the opera which I've always
I swear its better every time I see it
think of me, think of my fondly...
music of the night
with raoul at the stage door
we even did the statue and ellis island, which I hadn't done since I was 12.
mr & mrs uber weird
we stopped at alice's for a spot o tea
I love all their dishes.I never thought I would have such an obsession with dishes, it just sort of happened after I got married and now it cant be stopped.
we even had some nice weather for a bit while they were here.

thanks for stopping by