Friday, April 22, 2011

as per your request

some peeps who don't usually go to trader joes asked about my favorites. so here are a few:

peppermint joes cookies
mac and cheese
olive oil popcorn
dark chocolate covered: cherries, pomegranate sees, and edamame
pre cut veggies: butternut squash, roast mix package, sweet potato slice for fries
ruby red sunrise grapefruit juice
simply almonds trek mix
whole wheat nan
poppy-seed rolls
fresh herb pizza dough
milk chocolate crisps
flax seed/veggie chips
all of their jams are divine
olive frozen pizza
chunky apple sauce
sutter's formula cookies: especially the peanut butter and chocolate chip
vanilla almond milk
molasses chews
meyer lemon cookies

and the list could do on and on

I got this cookbook which is meals with all trader joe products and literally rocks!

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