Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the beehive state

every year we have a family ski trip in with the Ray's in Utah. It always feels like the perfect time for a much needed trip to see family and friends and this year was no exception.
the men always compete in foos-ball tournament.
its very serious and the trash talking goes on for days.
//I don't want to talk about how much it cost us to have this ridiculous cup made up and names engraved on the side.//
after a day on the slopes we met up with the bell's (ny family relocated to UT) for dinner. our conversation was 50% FNL, 40% bachelor, and 10% catching-up on our lives. just the way I like it.
//can't wait for the bells to come visit nyc//
it was so good to see baby davis and baby addison (even though they aren't really babies anymore)

my sister and her family were in town for some appointments and so J and I got to spend a day with them. it was HEAVEN for me.
we spent about 20 minutes "riding" the escalator
we had a seriously good time a chuck e cheese
"what do we have here"
poor girl, brittany was all up in her game :)
baby b and J bonded BIG TIME
then we hit up cabella's
hard to say what is all over spensie's face... probably cotton candy from chuck e cheese :)
this was seriously UT day for us

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