Saturday, April 2, 2011


last summer my parents came into town and we took a little roadtrip upstate.
I'd been DYING to see Niagara Falls so we drove all the way up so we could take a trip on the Maid of the Mist.
pardon the messy make-up, we were pretty much soaked
 it was astounding to say the least
wikipedia fact : In the "Miracle at Niagara", Roger Woodward, a seven-year-old American boy, was swept over the Horseshoe Falls protected only by a life vest on July 9, 1960, as two tourists pulled his 17-year-old sister Deanne from the river only 20 feet (6 m) from the lip of the Horseshoe Falls at Goat Island.Minutes later, Woodward was plucked from the roiling plunge pool beneath the Horseshoe Falls after grabbing a life ring thrown to him by the crew of the Maid of the Mist boat.
we also attended  the hill cumorah pageant
and again I was astounded.
I like the woman's face in the background of this pic.
also on the trip we toured the scared grove and Joseph Smith's childhood home
there aren't words to describe the peace and quiet I felt in this place
it was very much an intimate spiritual refresher to be out in such beautiful woods {so different from nyc}
i felt very loved
p.s. I love you mom & dad. thanks for coming to see our home and for going on such a fun trip with us. it was a joy to spend time with you and we miss you a lot when you're not here!


Shalyce said...

I am always so impresses with your photography!

Dev & Di said...

Aww one of my many homes haha! love Hill Cummorah! And the sacred grove is just plain amazing