Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Jordan Mathis Ray
26 yrs.
DOB: July 26 1982
Residence: Upper West Side, Manhattan
Born/raised: Salt Lake City
BYU-Idaho Alumni
Works at JP Morgan Chase 
5 Siblings
Hobbies: Surfing, Being healthy and active, exploring the city, & meeting new people

My favorite things about J.
blue eyes
big heart
gets easily distracted
use phrases like "riff raff"
never neglects to squeeze every last drop of funny from a joke
reads on the subway
uses proper punctuation in text messages
excited about life
enjoys the new
appreciates and values blessings
reminds me to be reasonable
puts up with loads of picture taking
constantly falls asleep during crucial awake times
believes in me
honors religion 
constantly makes fun of me
cooks for me
corrects me when I'm not cutting the tomatoes the most effective way
talks fast when he's excited about something
let's me interrupt him
doesn't care too much about his clothes
believes in himself
encourages me to do what brings me joy
embraces what makes me who I am
tends to run late even though he would say I'm the late one
remains positive even when it's not easy
goes into work everyday
constantly blinks to adjust his contacts
stops mid-sentence when he realizes I understand what he's saying
inspires me to do more and do it better
family oriented
he remembers the little things I like
loves God
answers my phone calls in the middle of the night

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love Letters.

When I got home from New York this past week there was a little white envelope waiting for me in my mail box.  Inside was a handwritten letter from Jordan. Nothing flashy, over done just a few pages about what I meant to him and how excited he was to propose to me. He wrote it the night before I flew in and mailed it off so I'd get it when I got back. Getting mail is one of my favorite things in the world. There's nothing like opening up a crisp envelope with your name on it and words for only you inside.  That letter was a wonderful surprise and it's such a treasure to me!

Thanks J for your thoughtfulness and love!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

engagement 02.14.09

Photos and details for our big night! J&K
Coming home after a romantic night on the town i.e. got engaged on Valentines... The story beings here...
Well the pictures a bit out of order, but we'll try to keep you on track...

(After the carriage ride)
I love my ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (um but not more than my man cough cough.)
Stupid blurring shot, you think I would put my camera on the right setting for this moment!
Leaving the Mandarin Hotel

The flash completely destroys this shot and the beauty of the restaurant, but I guess you get the point.

Our city... Our skyline.
Top window of the Castle 
True Valentine's apparel (as worn on my first trip to the city with visit J)
Pre-dinner photo shoot

Brunch at Alice's tea cup...
My new child!!!!!
Here she is... I love her!
I'm wearing band in these pictures, but don't worry Karen made sure I wouldn't put it back on til wedding day!
tru luv <3
Loads of ring shots as requested!
The Tale
as told by Jordan...
Once Upon a Time...  aka Valentine's Day I woke up early in the morning and took the train from Penn Station to pick up my love from the airport. On the way I ease dropped on a girl and a guy, who previously didn't know each other, discussing their recently broken hearts and broken relationships. What a fitting conversation to overhear on the day I would propose. I tried to stay positive and thought to myself maybe this could be the budding of a new relationship to mend their broken hearts, but unfortunately the girl only liked other girls. 
I made sure to bring a Valentine's rose along with me to the airport. Kaitlyn told me it looked like a broomstick because the stem was so long. You're welcome honey, glad you like it. Started the day off with brunch at Alice's Tea Cup. The girls who work there all wear butterfly wings on their backs. It was a magical place, truly a "wonderland". We had poached eggs over spinach on buttermilk biscuits and apricot french toast soaked in cinnamon tea. Yummie, I think Cheech and Chong would have been in heaven. During the day we checked out the sick art collection at the Frick. I made sure we went back from the days activities with plenty of time for Kaitlyn to get ready for the night (about 3 hours of prep time). I had a special surprise for Kaitlyn before we got to dinner. I took her to Belvedere Castle in Central Park, this is where I planned on popping the question. Although Kaitlyn looked beautiful as always, her outfit definitely was not conducive to being outside in chilly weather, so I already knew a smooth proposal would be challenging while standing outside atop a castle. My roommate had gone ahead of me to the castle to convince security to give Kaitlyn and I a moment at the top of the castle after they had closed and cleared out all the visitors. Another one of my roommates had gone to get a horse and carriage to be ready to cart Kaitlyn and I off to dinner after we came down from the castle. The big moment had finally arrived. It couldn't have come any sooner, because I had been stalling a bit for the castle to close, so by then Kaitlyn was getting cold and suspicious. Kaitlyn and I were standing in the castle to stay warm as the security guard cleared out all the people in preparation to close. Here's were it gets uncomfortable and awkward. The plan was for me to take Kaitlyn to the top of the castle after everyone had been cleared out, and I would kneel down and ask here to marry me under the scenic central park skyline. The security guard didn't quite get the gist, and instead closed up the doors to the tower roof top and then stood inside the castle next to us just staring and smiling at us waiting for the show to begin. At this point I decided to revert to plan B.
 I knew that the castle idea had a chance of falling apart, and it did, so I had already planned on doing the proposal at dinner if the first attempt were to fail. I text my roommate who was securing a carriage for our exit to abort mission, and Kaitlyn and I grabbed a cab and headed off to dinner. I made sure that the dinner location would measure up to the view at the castle, knowing that this could be where I would propose. The restaurant was located in the Mandarin Hotel in the top of the Time Warner building which towers over Columbus Circle and overlooks Central Park. The floor to ceiling glass walls of the restaurant create the perfect city view. The dinner was fun, it was a really fancy place, and they served us like eight baby bite courses of lots of interesting food including octopus and cow cheek topped with it's own bone marrow (how romantic for Valentines). I kept thinking about when I should pop the question at dinner, and Kaitlyn kept asking me why I was being so weird. I just didn't like the idea of proposing at dinner. Kaitlyn is a very animated person, and I wanted her to feel free to express herself without feeling like she needed to filter her excitement because we were surrounded by people in the quite romantic setting. At dinner we talked about going on a carriage ride through Central Park. We'd only gone on a carriage ride through Central Park one other time together, and that was the first time that I told her I loved her. I thought that would be a perfect setting to ask Kaitlyn to be my wife. Now I could relax and enjoy dinner without being so preoccupied with the proposal details. 
After dinner we made a quick stop at the Plaza hotel. This is one of Kaitlyn's favorite hotels and she dreams of staying there one day (maybe for our 5oth anniversary). After visiting the Plaza, we picked out a red carriage with a white horse that was hanging out next to Central Park (same colors as the horse and carriage we took when we first said I love you, oh cute!). After the carriage had carried us into the park, I told Kaitlyn that I needed to tell her something. I told her that I was so in love with her and that I wanted to be with her forever. She smiled at me as if I was just being me, and nothing I said was out of the ordinary. Then I kneeled down in the carriage and pulled out the ring box from my pocket. I opened up the box, which lights up in the dark so you can see the ring at night (thanks Robbin's Brothers), and I asked her "will you marry me Kaitlyn". She screamed oh my gosh oh my gosh a lot, then started to get teary eyed and said yes. We enjoyed the rest of the carriage ride as fiances, and I told her about all my failed attempts to propose up until that moment. After the carriage ride, we were taking pictures together, and a couple stopped and asked us if we'd like them to take our picture. They overheard us talking of getting engaged, and they told us that they had just gotten engaged too, so we took just got engaged photos of each other. As we took pictures, people driving by took notice of the girls flashing their rings, and they started yelling congratulations out their car window. On the way home Kaitlyn and I stopped and picked up some Martinelli's to celebrate in true Mormon fashion. The rest of the night was filled with Kaitlyn retelling the engagement story over and over to her friends and family, so maybe this blog will help cut down on her phone minutes. Even though the proposal turned out to be completely different than what I had envisioned, it turned out just perfect, like as if everything went wrong so that I would get the proposal right, in the carriage on the same path through the park were we first expressed our love. 

What a perfect day!!! Obviously you've just heard all the details above so I won't rehash I just wanted to add a little bit of my perspective. I know Jordan's plan didn't work out exactly as he had anticipated, but getting engaged to Jordan turned out the be the definition of "real romance" I've always felt between us. Every little girl dreams about her prince charming and how he'll catch her the nick-of-time and carry her off into the sunset, every teenage girl dreams of the guy who will make her dreams of a glamourous life a reality, and every grown-up girl dreams of a man who just does those little things he knows will make her life a little more joyful because he wants to see her smile. Jordan has done all those things for me, caught me when I've fallen, turned my life into something new, and finally given me a gratitude for the the little ways he influences my life with joy. It was a little bit like my dreams of being a movie star finally came true February 14th. Finally a leading lady role in a kind of life better than I ever imagined possible. Jordan did such a good job being my Prince Charming (in a really manly kind of way of course) making the day a true life fairy-tale. There was all my most favorite things, a quaint brunch spot with tea, the mansion on fifth ave housing the art gallery I like to visit the most in the city, The Plaza (merci merci), a true princess castle in the Shakespeare Garden, dancing, a yuppie dinner with our favorite view of the city/sunset, roses, chocolates, a breathtaking ring, and a carriage ride down the road where we shared the first "I love you's". I honestly had no idea, surprisingly, and what a wonderful way to be surprised. I think most people who know me well, know my detection skills and could anticipate how hard it might be for Jordan to capture the element of surprise. But like always Jordan came through like the true gentleman he is and turned a fantasy into real life. (excuse all my mushy talk and Jordan bragging... if you could let it slide this one time due to the wonderful weekend I've just had I'd appreciate it)

Cheers to Living In Love... and a summer wedding (08.14.09) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You...

Happens to the best of us right?

Read the book. See the movie. 


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rexburg City Police Ride Along

This Saturday I went on a police ride along. HA HA laugh it up, I know Rexburg is small, but it's not entirely void of the need for law enforcement. Sweet little Rexburg must be protected.

I rolled up at the police station around two on the typical arctic Rexburg afternoon. I waited in my car with the heater blasting for the police car to roll up. After a good thirty minutes of waiting, up drives Officer Chalmers to my rescue. Pretty typical looking cop in blue, he greeted me with a friendly smile. After he opened my car door and waited for me to get settled and buckle up we were off.

We started with a "survey of the perimeter" of our dear little Rexburg, which is actually bigger than I had thought. Officer Chalmers gave me a rundown of his history in the force and how the city police system works. His wife is currently the only woman Officer working for the Rexburg City Police. I was pulled over by her once, but don't worry I wasn't the one driving. My friend bumped the car in front of him and the other car said it was fine no big deal. We went around the corner only to be pulled over 10 minutes later because the other car called it in as a hit and run, made no sense. Anyways, his wife was really nice to us, but Officer Chalmers says she has a reputation for being pretty strict. I can imagine being the tall blond she is that she'd have to really stick to her guns, even in Rexburg, Americas Family Community. (wink wink)

After our “survey” we headed out to the freeway to see if any out of towners, might be doing something we could possibly deem illegal. Officer Chalmers told me that right before he picked me up he pulled over a big van of teenagers who were clearly high. Coming from Wyoming he said was big tip off. After searching and searching their car there were no drugs to be found, so he let them go. Now this meant we were on a drug bust mission. He said, “We’ve got to get somebody!”

We went up and down the freeway pulling over one Wyoming driver, who happened to just be a mother and son duo coming back from a fishing trip with nothing but expired plates. After pulling over a few locals for speeding and letting them off scot free we headed back to the station for a pit stop.

I walked through back door observing the citizen free rear halls of Rexburg’s finest residence. On the wall was a proud display of professional photos taken of the Officers and staff. There was inspiring quotes on the wall along with, clean placards, and of course a table of doughnuts. I couldn’t help, but feel blessed for my time here in this little Mayberry like town. It sure is smaller than San Diego, and some might say less glamorous, but there’s something about the warm smiles, odd but welcoming looking houses, and sunsets over R Mountain that just can’t be replaced by any big city lights.

Soon enough we were back on the road and off for more adventure. Our next pull over was a least a little exciting. The new police cars come equipped with great technology that made my observations easy. The officer wears a microphone that plays back whatever is said between the officer and the offender into the car speakers. I was able to hear one poor guy plead forgiveness. He was driving a rental car with questionable registration. Officer Chalmers investigated him thoroughly, but eventually let him go without a warning. At least I got to hear the whole procedure.

During our hour long drive we pulled over a total of four people and responded to a report of a hit and run at a local apartment complex. None of which resulted in any scandal, or ticket giving. My big hopes for scandal and sensationalism ruined… Cest le vie!

(A big thanks to the Rexburg Police Department as well as Officer Chalmers for letting me come along and all they do for this little community I call home)

Did you know?? (journalism thoughts)

8 million people in the United States suffer from eating disorders

3% of all young women and girls suffer from anorexia

3-4% of all young women and girls suffer from bulimia

1% of men suffer from eating disorders

15% of young women have some kind of disordered eating patterns

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any psychological disease

There are more than 8500 different web sites that deal with anorexia
-The Secret Languge of Eating Disorders

 I have had to confront four close friends about their eating habits, known four different girls who have been either hospitalized or admitted to rehab for an eating disorder, lived with one or more girl every semester at college who has struggled with eating disorders, and had friends from Jr. High, High School, and College who have confessed seriously unhealthy and dangerous eating habits they've had. I've smelt vomit on their breathe, supervised their meals, seen the scars on their hands from their fingers hitting their teeth cause be bulimia, and cried with them over the consumption of their compulsive behavior. I've witnessed the lost pounds and colors in faces,  and all kind of physical effects from binge eating, Bulimia and Anorexia. I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and not like what you see, I know the desperation that can come from feeling you have no control, and I know how easy it is to get lost inside your own mind losing sight of reality. But most importantly what I know is I am so grateful for God. I know I can have a deep inner peace that comes from knowing I am a daughter of God. It's a peace that is so much a part of my being there is nothing physical that could replace it.

I'm not sure if it's the pressure of fitting in, the temporary pleasure that comes from praise and attention or the need to feel control over something that drives people to get sucked into an eating disorder, but I know it can ruin lives. I know that an eating disorder is no way to fill any of those kinds of voids. I know lasting peace and stability come from the inside out and not what society would have everyone believe, that who you are and how great your life is, is dictated by your appearance. 

Harold A Frost wrote in a January 1990 Ensign article called the thinness obsession, “Individuals who struggle with eating disorders appear to go through addictive cycles similar to those suffered by alcohol and drug abusers. The obsession with food and dieting often becomes a way to alleviate inner distress.” For the people I know who have dealt with eating disorders their disorder becomes a way to channel energy towards something that person can control. It becomes a way to distract from other issues in their life. No amount of dieting, workout, or filtering food can relieve the pain and heartache eating disorders can bring. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder find help! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seriously Sickie

EW. Colds are absolutely wretched. All I have to say is I'm so grateful for grape Dimetap, YUM. I'm really grateful for all medicine and those who study it. What a miraculous thing to understand the human body better and be able to take care of it better. It's been good to get a little sickness however because I've been able to appreciate the little things. Warm peppermint tea, Warm Vinilla Sugar bubble bath and lavender Paul Mitchell soap, and cozy blankets. In my "recovery" I've been able to catch up on some good movies & books, all recommended!

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