Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Jordan Mathis Ray
26 yrs.
DOB: July 26 1982
Residence: Upper West Side, Manhattan
Born/raised: Salt Lake City
BYU-Idaho Alumni
Works at JP Morgan Chase 
5 Siblings
Hobbies: Surfing, Being healthy and active, exploring the city, & meeting new people

My favorite things about J.
blue eyes
big heart
gets easily distracted
use phrases like "riff raff"
never neglects to squeeze every last drop of funny from a joke
reads on the subway
uses proper punctuation in text messages
excited about life
enjoys the new
appreciates and values blessings
reminds me to be reasonable
puts up with loads of picture taking
constantly falls asleep during crucial awake times
believes in me
honors religion 
constantly makes fun of me
cooks for me
corrects me when I'm not cutting the tomatoes the most effective way
talks fast when he's excited about something
let's me interrupt him
doesn't care too much about his clothes
believes in himself
encourages me to do what brings me joy
embraces what makes me who I am
tends to run late even though he would say I'm the late one
remains positive even when it's not easy
goes into work everyday
constantly blinks to adjust his contacts
stops mid-sentence when he realizes I understand what he's saying
inspires me to do more and do it better
family oriented
he remembers the little things I like
loves God
answers my phone calls in the middle of the night

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