Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rexburg City Police Ride Along

This Saturday I went on a police ride along. HA HA laugh it up, I know Rexburg is small, but it's not entirely void of the need for law enforcement. Sweet little Rexburg must be protected.

I rolled up at the police station around two on the typical arctic Rexburg afternoon. I waited in my car with the heater blasting for the police car to roll up. After a good thirty minutes of waiting, up drives Officer Chalmers to my rescue. Pretty typical looking cop in blue, he greeted me with a friendly smile. After he opened my car door and waited for me to get settled and buckle up we were off.

We started with a "survey of the perimeter" of our dear little Rexburg, which is actually bigger than I had thought. Officer Chalmers gave me a rundown of his history in the force and how the city police system works. His wife is currently the only woman Officer working for the Rexburg City Police. I was pulled over by her once, but don't worry I wasn't the one driving. My friend bumped the car in front of him and the other car said it was fine no big deal. We went around the corner only to be pulled over 10 minutes later because the other car called it in as a hit and run, made no sense. Anyways, his wife was really nice to us, but Officer Chalmers says she has a reputation for being pretty strict. I can imagine being the tall blond she is that she'd have to really stick to her guns, even in Rexburg, Americas Family Community. (wink wink)

After our “survey” we headed out to the freeway to see if any out of towners, might be doing something we could possibly deem illegal. Officer Chalmers told me that right before he picked me up he pulled over a big van of teenagers who were clearly high. Coming from Wyoming he said was big tip off. After searching and searching their car there were no drugs to be found, so he let them go. Now this meant we were on a drug bust mission. He said, “We’ve got to get somebody!”

We went up and down the freeway pulling over one Wyoming driver, who happened to just be a mother and son duo coming back from a fishing trip with nothing but expired plates. After pulling over a few locals for speeding and letting them off scot free we headed back to the station for a pit stop.

I walked through back door observing the citizen free rear halls of Rexburg’s finest residence. On the wall was a proud display of professional photos taken of the Officers and staff. There was inspiring quotes on the wall along with, clean placards, and of course a table of doughnuts. I couldn’t help, but feel blessed for my time here in this little Mayberry like town. It sure is smaller than San Diego, and some might say less glamorous, but there’s something about the warm smiles, odd but welcoming looking houses, and sunsets over R Mountain that just can’t be replaced by any big city lights.

Soon enough we were back on the road and off for more adventure. Our next pull over was a least a little exciting. The new police cars come equipped with great technology that made my observations easy. The officer wears a microphone that plays back whatever is said between the officer and the offender into the car speakers. I was able to hear one poor guy plead forgiveness. He was driving a rental car with questionable registration. Officer Chalmers investigated him thoroughly, but eventually let him go without a warning. At least I got to hear the whole procedure.

During our hour long drive we pulled over a total of four people and responded to a report of a hit and run at a local apartment complex. None of which resulted in any scandal, or ticket giving. My big hopes for scandal and sensationalism ruined… Cest le vie!

(A big thanks to the Rexburg Police Department as well as Officer Chalmers for letting me come along and all they do for this little community I call home)

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Beautiful story!!!