Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seriously Sickie

EW. Colds are absolutely wretched. All I have to say is I'm so grateful for grape Dimetap, YUM. I'm really grateful for all medicine and those who study it. What a miraculous thing to understand the human body better and be able to take care of it better. It's been good to get a little sickness however because I've been able to appreciate the little things. Warm peppermint tea, Warm Vinilla Sugar bubble bath and lavender Paul Mitchell soap, and cozy blankets. In my "recovery" I've been able to catch up on some good movies & books, all recommended!

Recent Finds...

The Painted Veil
Mama Mia
Practical Magic
She's all that
Eagle Eye
Notting Hill
Pretty in Pink

Recent Reads...

Don't Sweat The Small Things in Love

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The Bergquists said...

Aww im sorry you were sickie but im glad you had some home remedies to make you feel better! :)