Friday, March 28, 2008

The Coast

Nine Mile Hike

A few weeks ago we out stake president took us all on a hike.  It was way pretty, except for the fact I got totally sick on the way. Ew. Gladly I made it through with the help of my good friends here. The best part of the hike was all the daffodils in the hills. It was stunning. As much as I do love the city, there's so much gorgeous countryside here. It's no southern CA beach, but it's the next beat thing I'd say!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

wow, sorry I'm so behind everyone.

I've been so busy with visitors and trips that I've gotten insanely behind. I'm planning on dedicating so serious time to updating my blog tomorrow with some great things I've been doing. until then, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Clovelly & Tintagel

Dancing through life!!!!
Here's some sweet beach towns we went to on our last weekend holiday. I have loved being able to see the coast her, it's made it much more homey! I'm totally falling in love with the UK. It'll be hard to keep me away!

henry the IV

 On our trip to Stratford upon Avon, we got to see not only many historical shakespeare sights but we got to see a play! We saw Henry the IV which was the play we were discussing  in Shakespeare class. It was one of my favorite things I've seen here. Well I have lots of favorites, but this one was good. The theater was very modern and the stage bare. Everything was very simple so you could focus on the dialogue. It was very well done.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Mummy Dearest and I had the most divine time. The list of fun things we did together goes on and on :) One of my favorites was buying some retro shades on Portobello road saturday morning! Green is a good color! Showing mum Portobello was great for me because the Notting Hill area is sort of like my neighborhood and Portobello is my favorite part.

On saturday afternoon we had tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery. We had peppermint tea with scones ( on the scones was clotted cream and fresh jam) a very good combination.

One of the nights that mum was here we went and saw  The Sound of Music. The children in the cast were mind boggling good. I couldn't help imagining Skyler as the littlest girl! I got to show off the dress Jordan got me and kare bear liked it!  We also saw dirty dancing one night. That was one was so good too. I was so happy to have mum with me to see some great dancing.

Beside those fun things, we took a tour of kensington palace, went to the vanity fair exhibit at the national portrait gallery, went to dinner at my favorite restaurants, did a bit of shopping, and enjoyed the lovely hotel! It was one of my best weeks here. I was so grateful to have mum visit that week!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

checked out a criminal court case

On Friday I got to do something really rad. The criminology class got an assignment to go and observe a court case. I tagged along with some of the other students. We got to go into a murder case and listened to two witnesses be questioned. It was fascinating! First of all the tradition is so different here. All the lawyers and judges wear robes and wigs! I was so impressed by the intelligence and poise of everyone sitting in the court room. I'm planning on taking kare bear ( my mom he he) back to see one with me while she's here!

weekend in brussels

Chocolate kisses...

The most beautiful thing in Brussels is the Grand Place, or as I like to call it the Grand Palace. It was most amazing looking little square I've ever seen. The architecture was killer. We spent a lot of time there. 

There was also a chocolate museum there. YES ITS TRUE. They gave us each a cookie covered in warm chocolate at the door. That's my kind of museum most definitely. 

my heart belongs to chocolate

Well, I think it's only fair to start off my Brussels blog with my chocolate photos!!!!! The best part of Belgium was by far the divine chocolate. In every shop you walk by they have a little table with things to taste. Of course once you've tasted them you cannot help but want to buy some. Thus much of my budget for this trip was spent on chocolate! My favorite was apricot flavored. We also went out at night for real hot chocolate. They put big chunks of chocolate bar into a hot pot and then pour it into your tea cup right before your eyes. 

On the first day of our trip I was so sick from something I ate the night before we left london. I had a special time with a plastic bag on a double decker bus the morning we left, and on the train there, and a few times once we got there. YUCK. However, I did get to make up for it the next day when I had a big waffle with strawberries and chocolate for breakfast!! mmmm! I love brussels!