Sunday, March 2, 2008

checked out a criminal court case

On Friday I got to do something really rad. The criminology class got an assignment to go and observe a court case. I tagged along with some of the other students. We got to go into a murder case and listened to two witnesses be questioned. It was fascinating! First of all the tradition is so different here. All the lawyers and judges wear robes and wigs! I was so impressed by the intelligence and poise of everyone sitting in the court room. I'm planning on taking kare bear ( my mom he he) back to see one with me while she's here!

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Freezie said...

I did it. Went to court while Kaitlyn was in class. It was absolutely fascinating. I too was very impressed with the order, respect and language used in the court. the wigs are a little different. I too was able to watch a murder trial. I was totally mesmerized! Thank you Kaitlyn and friends for telling me how to do this!
Love, Mom