Sunday, March 2, 2008

my heart belongs to chocolate

Well, I think it's only fair to start off my Brussels blog with my chocolate photos!!!!! The best part of Belgium was by far the divine chocolate. In every shop you walk by they have a little table with things to taste. Of course once you've tasted them you cannot help but want to buy some. Thus much of my budget for this trip was spent on chocolate! My favorite was apricot flavored. We also went out at night for real hot chocolate. They put big chunks of chocolate bar into a hot pot and then pour it into your tea cup right before your eyes. 

On the first day of our trip I was so sick from something I ate the night before we left london. I had a special time with a plastic bag on a double decker bus the morning we left, and on the train there, and a few times once we got there. YUCK. However, I did get to make up for it the next day when I had a big waffle with strawberries and chocolate for breakfast!! mmmm! I love brussels!

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