Tuesday, January 22, 2008

.new and improved.

Well in reviewing my new blog I've noticed my lack of proof reading is not very flattering. I'm so busy here sometimes it's just faster to leave everything in lowercase and just get it out. so I apologize in advance for my sometimes speedily written work. I however have resolved to use my best grammar and punctuation techniques when time allows. Just thought I'd start off with that announcement today.

It's my free day and I'm about to go for a run in Hyde Park. This inspires me to tell you about my last run in Hyde Park. It was a sight to behold. Wearing my normal running entire from home I left the house in my spandex capris and a long sleeve shirt. When I rounded the corner of the street I live on I was brutally attacked by the wind. I was practically frozen solid by the time I'd arrived at the park a block from our flat and tears were literally running down my cheeks from the wind. This was only the beginning. 

 The park is really beautiful and there's so much to see. I love going to the pond. It's filled with swans and it's such a big open space I feel like it's the only place I can really breathe in the city. As I was headed in that direction I began getting, well bothered, by the overwhelming amount of couples on the main walk way. I mean come on people it's early saturday morning mid winter. Let's be practical, stay at home, or at least of the park where you can't torture me! Anyways, I took a more deserted route to get to the pond in order to avoid weaving between them, very muddy, not my best plan, and we'll leave it at that.

 After I took a few loops around the pond I decided to head up the main walkway back home. Unfortunately one of those early morning walking couples had been feeding the pigeons along the stretch I was rapidly approaching. With no other choice I hesitantly continued forward into the parade of birds and as I did so they in unison took flight aiming for... ME! I am not a statue for perching I kept thinking and I started charging backwards in retreat. They just kept coming and I began to panic, I could not help but squeal and as a last resort fling my hands about like a lunatic in a last attempt of escape. Luckily I shoved myself into a tight enough ball on the concrete they flew past above me. Never been more grateful in my life.

 Finally able to relax I finished my run with one of my favorite songs which I uncontrollably "ROCK OUT" to as I run. As I'm practicing my moves down the path I notice a near by photographer who was previously shooting the birds aiming his camera at me. I drop my arms and come to a halt looking at him. He drops his camera and starts the laughing and says, "Its just looked like you were having so much fun!" Trying not to look totally horrified I smile and keep running. I made it home just in time for breakfast... but don't worry I tripped on the porch steps on my way in! ;)

So much for looking the part of a young fit british girl on her regular jog, I guess unprepared, klutzy, dancing, american tourist is more my style... at least for now!

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that's all I can say and all I have time for right now.
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