Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm getting stressed out!

As i was sitting in class thinking about how heavy my heart was over all this stressful stuff I was saying a little prayer thinking " Heavenly Father, if you could just help my roommates to notice im having a hard time and do something to help me out, even if its just a happy note that would be great. That would help me feel your love." Then it occurred to me, I know God loves me even if he doesn't always send someone to my side right when i need them, in fact not giving me someone or something to praise me and make me feel better actually shows how much he loves me because he wants to be strong and have faith. So then I was just thinking "Heavenly Father, if you could just help me to be more strong as I'm accepting how life can sometimes be hard. Just help me to deal." Just as that was happening a friend started chatting with me over skype about what was going on in her life. She didn't come right out and make any complaint it which it was apparent she needed to be comforted, but I felt like I should just tell her how much I admired her and the real charity she has. I expressed how much her christ like qualities inspired me. It occured to me God had in fact, not left me without a little angel to comfort me. No, he hadn't prompted my friends to praise me or notice me, but he had provided me with an opportunity to serve. The joy I get from serving is far more fulfilling then anyone doing a service for me. (even though I'm grateful for those we serve me!!!!) I felt so much better. But, after that I started to feel a bit more like I'm not doing enough service. As I look back on my life I'm afraid I have regrets of not serving more. At first this saddened me, but then the spirit whispered to me, " Be grateful you understand there is always more to be done so you can continue to improve." And i am. I am grateful God has given examples who inspire me and a desire to do more. I am grateful I am in imperfect person so I can learn more and eventually have a fulness of progression after this earth life. so in conclusion, the church is true! GOD LOVES ME AND I LOVE HIM

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