Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't take Mum for granted.

I love this quote. It's from a book Friday Night Knitting Club, the quotes is an older woman reflecting on her relationship with her mom.

"Her friends were all awitter now that their adult daughters were on a kick of getting to know them as equals. " I want us to be friends," she'd heard that these grown children kept insisting to their mothers. Of course, what these daughters wanted was to be able to bare their souls to the one person in the world who would love them without restraint, whose approval was priceless, who would find them and their myriad life issue endlessly fascinating. It is a beautiful gift, thought Anita, to have your mother be your very dearest and best friend. It is quite another to try to be hers. Then you'd have to actually get to know her. As a real person"

Just wanted to say thanks to my mother for being my best friend. Surely I don't know the gravity or ability of a mothers love, but I do have an unconditional love that is pretty darn close. I hope she considers me her best friend as well as I try to treat her as the amazing real person she is.

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Freezie said...

Thank you sweetheart!! I love the quote and I love being best friends! Looking at hose silly pics brought back some fun memories. Love always,