Friday, May 29, 2009

Celebrating My Day of Birth

My birthday gift! Sealing the deal on our gorg apartment!
A celebration from the LeVain Bakery, YUM! Super good cookies, but I'm going to honest, certainly not as good as Ben's. Sorry no contest!

Out for the evening & for some Serendipity. Hello Lemonberry Icebox Cake!

Girl meets Boy <3>

Look I cooked lunch! Stir Fry, I'm on my way to wifehood!

Meeting the morning to go sign our lease!
This is my amazing birthday dessert, most favorite thing ever!
Jordan liked his chocolate crepes too! Haha


melissa said...

i found your blog through erin's... congrats on being a grown up and getting the brownstone!

SaraH said...

Happy Birthday!! Congrats on the apartment, where is it??!! Hope all is well.