Tuesday, September 15, 2009


born 05.18.87

raised Encinitas.CA(San Diego) live in Manhattan

who i am...

short. blond. southern Californian. new yorker. afraid of the dark. jordan's wife. excited about learning. anxious to serve. a ballerina. really into quotes. a music lover. a shot hater. grateful graduate of BYU-I. obsessed with photography. Disney enthusiast. avid reader. builder of a home. really into law and order. focused on changes. big eater. Audrey Hepburn admirer. fan of all things vintage. blog lover. journal writer. big dreamer. inspiring decorator. longing for London. peppermint tea drinker. ribbon & stationary collector. toast consumer. loud talker. a girlie girl. a Mrs. a daughter. frequent shopper. frequent laugher. lover of life.

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Tom & Allie Steele said...

ok, i have to comment because when i read the bottom where is says "frequent laugher" then immediately after it says "lover of life" i read it as "frequent lover" and was like seriously, u put that?! ha ha ha. So glad you're enjoying the married life. Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas!