Wednesday, September 1, 2010

promises promises

J took me to see promises,promises on my birthday.(yes that was months ago, this post is late... get over it)
I love kristen chenoweth.

J was an angel and waited out back, in the rain, with me after the show. it seriously took a million years for her to come out.

it always makes me feel weird when the randomers come out of the stage door. ya know like the course dancers or the musicians. I feel like I should ask for their autograph or clap really loud because it must feel weird walking through a crowd of people who are saying "omg is that him... oh no that's just a stage hand"

anyways it was a lovely time.

thanks J


mb said...

kristen bell and matthew morrison....together??

Kate said...

How was the show? We may be coming into town soon and we'd love to see something while we're there!

.kaitlyn. said...

no kristen bell equals married to dax.

it was good. it wasn't be absolute favorite. if you are looking for something new to see i would say in the heights or Memphis. promises promises was cute but no substance.

Kate said...

Excellent. Thanks!