Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the desert

ok lots to re-cap on here. be prepared.
the trip to UT/AZ

first I got to spend some time at Keri's house. which included horses, last day of school for the kids, bath times, movies, baseball games, and packing up for AZ.
Keri and I took the kids to see Rio and baby B was mesmerized. It was so cute.
I was so glad I got to spend some time in Blanding. That little minuscule town has a special place in my heart. Then we trekked it down to Phoenix to meet up with the rest of the fam.
baby B was obsessed with the stairs at the hotel.

we seriously had such a blast just hanging out in the heat.
there was plenty of pool time too!

we went to babbo for dinner and stuffed our faces.
then brandon, skyler, brooklyn, and I hit up the carnival.

my brave lil sky had her ears pierced this trip, plus this was her first upside down roller coaster!
//a big day//
nice faces
this thing was actually really intense. I wish I had gotten their faces on the way down.
love her
this was crazzzzyyy. it was called the magic carpet.
I'm not kidding I almost lost it after 2 times. Sweet brooklyn went twice more because Sky could not get enough.
& there's a few instaxs for the road.

I'm SO glad we made it on this trip. It was so refreshing to be with the some of the fam.I wish they all could have been there.
 On Sunday Spencer came up with the idea that we all sit in circle and go around and say one thing we love about each person. It was one of my favorite things we've done as a family. The best was when it was Keri's turn and Spenc says, "I like my mom because I think it's funny when we are all getting ready for church and running around and she says MIKE I HAVE TO DO MY HAIR", but with all the giggles were some truly tender moments and the room was filled with love. There were even some happy tears... it was something I'll never forget. For all the teasing that goes on in our family we do a pretty good job of taking care of each other.
I feel really blessed to be a member of my family.
thanks for tuning in to this ginormous post.

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France is said...

gorgeous pictures and such such such cute kids- holy moley you and j are going to have the cutest bunch ever!