Saturday, April 18, 2009


Becoming an official graduate! Here's shots of everyone at the commencement and convocation.
I hadn't seen Jordan for since out snowboarding trip. He got in just in time for graduation and snuck in the back. He was only a few rows behind me and I had to wait the whole graduation to talk to him. Even still, I was so glad that he was there!

Here's the reunion. FINALLY! A month and a half is a long freaking time to be away.

Everyone who came out. Thanks everyone for supporting me! I'm a graduate now, whoot whoot.

Celebrating our viking heritage, BYU- I alum style.

Hahahaha, Jordan posed this as a joke but I think it turned out rather nice... engagement material haha.
Classis Jordan
Kendall!!!!!! One of the girls I lived with my first year at BYU-I, good times in the dorms.

This was getting ready for the line-up... anticipation, whoa!

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