Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mother Knows Best

things that made me think my mom was totally crazy for making me do as a kid but now make so much sense:

- making my bed EVERYday
- cleaning my room before the night we leave on vacation
- not walking on the fresh vacuumed carpet because it made the vacuum marks go away
- not sitting on/tossing/or playing with the couch pillows
- brushing ALL sand of my feet before coming in the door
- not throwing clothes on the floor, even if I'm going to pick them up in a few minutes
- closing the curtains whenever I'm in the room

To Be Continued...

1 comment:

Karemom said...

Did I teach you all that? haha. I can remember when I started to think my mommy wasn't so crazy after all too. I guess it happens to the best of us. Wait until you have kids, you'll really turn into me. Just kidding, you will have your own ideas too. Sure love you!!