Wednesday, October 21, 2009

savoring vs longing

This one is for the next in line, you know who you are:

what to appreciate:

blasting the ihome while getting ready on a Friday night

trips to the gym with the girls

getting your outfit approved by a girl

being able to barrow a tampon from the person you share a bathroom with

tanning with two other girls

calling someone your fiance

being responsible for only yourself (and your own space)

what to look forward to:

flowers and chocolates for no reason

not having to say goodnight

getting to say good morning

brushing your teeth together

always having someone on your team

changing your name


having a perma-fix it man

slow dancing in between doing the dishes

family photo albums

being put in your place :)

calling someone your husband

having someone around who can reach high places and lift heavy stuff

deciding what to buy at the grocery store

picking shows to TiVo

getting mail with Mrs. on it

making something he really likes

still getting butterflies

having a home that's built of two lives

being responsible for someone other than yourself

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Karemom said...

I really love this post!!!! So sweet.