Monday, August 9, 2010

date day

so on thursday morning I get this email from J.
{heart melt}

so friday became a date day. which meant thursday we could stay up late and watch tv and talk in bed. i love late nights.
 when friday came we slept it. much needed.

then we headed to clinton street because we've been dying for their pancakes and sugar cured bacon.


while waiting for a table we saw him.
(guy sitting in the black shirt)

if you are confused as to who this is then you are probably too cool to watch the city on mtv. but because both j and i do watch we recognized. I spent about 29 minutes trying to make myself walk over and talk to him about his photography, but I couldn't do it.

then I spent most of the morning trying to figure out what happened to the girl I used to be who would not have even hesitated.

we also spotted this little friend on the sidewalk while waiting. i liked him.

 this is morning me post pancakes and jordan as a fish.

this was our brunch

{did i mention it was divine}

then we went home where I cooked while J did a little studying. it was relaxing
I made peach cobbler and it was tasty (even though J's dad makes the best in the world he says so mine doesn't really compare)

then there was afternoon snugs and movie watching.

I heart date day

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