Monday, August 23, 2010

just some stuff I felt needed sharing

um louboutin barbie...
my daughters are doomed to a life girlie girl 
hey shay shay... let's ride (ps snake bite your good)(pps don't know why i'm doing wings with my arms)

ah ha, another successful trip to B&H. where photography dreams come true.
the temp.
trader joes, you keep me alive
seriously for a louboutin barbie and now jacob. thanks matel
Hey shay shay, thx for teaching my chicken salad. it makes me oh so happy.
ultimate dessert
promises promises for my birthday
walking by the bergdorfs windows daily is one of the highlights of my life.
carrie b
ba ha ha ha
east coast


mkbruin said...

So jealous of the B&H, I really need to make a trip to NYC happen just so I can skip around my fantasy camera store.

brittany+scott said...

Hey! Can I just tell you that I love your play list. I turn to your blog and let all the songs play then refresh the page like multiple times! & of course it is fun to see what you are up to! NYC looks like such a fun fun place to live!!!