Thursday, October 7, 2010

happy happy birthday magnolia dear

we've had many a wonderful year as friends. starting in jr.high when we were lab partners in mrs. something that starts with V's class.

{side note: im uncomfortable that im old enough to be forgetting teachers names... we grew up fast} 

i can always count on you for a good laugh and listening ear. 
i so value all the memories we've made. we've been through a lot.

thick and thin
a wedding
hs dances
broken hearts
chad and berg laughter
young love
cheer tryouts
cheer camp for that matter
new jobs
toilet papering
ex's house drive-bys (should we admit to that, not sure)
moving away
good books
awkward trends (rocket dogs, flared jeans, "janky", and so forth)
"I know what you did"
epic movies 
ditching class, maybe that was more just me...
standing on our ladders talking about what we would do if our bf's got hurt on the field
first days of school

this list could get eternal if i don't stop somewhere
so let me just say happy birthday melle!


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Hillary Ann Hubbard said...

LOVE THIS!!!! those were the days! 23 she is so grown up!