Saturday, October 16, 2010

life right now equals

its a love hate relationship. 

i love photography, but most of time i hate photoshop. what can ya know can't really have one without the other these days.

on one hand its a life saver and also can do some really cool/great things. on the other hand it takes a million years, i get way too anal, and my eyeballs hurt. cest la vie i guess.

get ready to see loads of new pics in the future and bags under my eyes.


maWeesa said...

WOAH... that pic doesn't look like you... weird... can't wait to see some pics on this baby!!

maWeesa said...

WOAH.. that pic does not look like you.. weird.. i can't wait to see some pics on this baby!

Sara said...

Can't wait to see some of your new pics! I love two things and I NEED you to tell me where they are from. one your header picture. The watercolor. I saw a shop on etsy doing this is it from there? I love it. and That SUPER cute black and white pic in the back of you an J on the wall. Love it.
and LOVE your lips.

mkbruin said...

But I bet that they're Louis Vuitton bags, so you still look completely fabulous!

.kaitlyn. said...
for the watercolor. she does have an esty shop as well.
painting was done by this girl but given as a wedding present.

xoxo heart you forever sara