Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is about 100 million years over due, but so necessary that I'm posting it this embarrassingly late.

krista k.
makes the best almond cake ever
has a contagious energy/laugh
brings out the best in others
remembers the little things
truly selfless
constantly serving others
is always friendly (even when something sorta rotten has happened to her)
inspires me to do more 

this list could go on and on because she is just full of great qualities, but i think the thing that makes krista truly different and special is that she knows and loves me for who i am. often times when i am being hard on myself i read a note she has written me in past and it honestly changes my day.

the thing about being around krista is its easy. she makes you feel like its ok to be you and she loves you that way.

idk maybe i sound like a hallmark card, but its the truth.

hey krista, thx for being you!