Tuesday, November 30, 2010

betty crocker

so here's a secret about me. not so much a secret but a fact. as a kid, even as a toddler, I only watched cooking shows. cartoons really did not amuse me and I had very interesting TV tastes all growing up. For example I loved matlock even in elementary school. but the point of this fact sharing is to that anyone who knows me well knows that even though I loved cooking shows and as a little thing my cooking skills now are limited. 

like carrie bradshaw " the only thing I have ever made in the kitchen was a mess" 

I've never really enjoyed cooking or had a desire to really get better. I was fine just coasting along making grilled cheese and pasta. however this was before I found freshdirect.com + jamie oliver + brand new trader joes 30 seconds away.

  life changers.

so here's the updated list of best things to ever happen to me:

J ray
my iPhone
LoLa (vespa)
Trader Joes
Fresh direct
Jamie Oliver
ben's cookies

anyways back on track. Ive been doing some cooking lately and surprisingly I'm not hating it. Here are some results...


France is said...

yum! i watched cartoons, but not nearly as much as the happy trees guy and cooking shows. although, i tried making a pie in fourth grade with powdered sugar instead of flour and my family never forgave me. happy thanksgiving! pretty pie.

Hillary Ann Hubbard said...

and you just won a betty crocker cookbook too! woohoo