Thursday, December 2, 2010


this is my ode to brunch.

oh how I love love LOVE all things breakfast.

I'm sorry to say this but there just really is nothing like brunch in new york city. its actually one of the rare times I feel some bond with the crazies who live in this city. Banker, lawyer, or artist on Saturday chances are you at brunch.

Two weeks ago I had an early morning shoot and J drove me there on Lola at a ridiculously early hour and even stuck around to help me out until I was done. Which was wonderfully thoughtful even though he kept whispering "brownie points" into my ear and laughing every change he could get. Because he did in fact earn so many "brownie points" by giving up part of his Saturday morning I thought Id take him to brunch. We rode over to Sarabeth's and we enjoyed..

farmhouse omelet
lemon ricotta pancakes
warm syrup
peppermint tea-K
orange juice-J

and it was so heavenly. I had to ignore the people next to me when they starred at me for taking pictures of my food, but other than that it was perfection.

so basically after all that I'm just going to finish off how I started. 



Whitney said...

amen girlfriend. No one does brunch quite like the city!

mb said...

amen x2.