Thursday, December 16, 2010

another overdue catch-up post

over halloween weekend we hauled our butts up to salem/boston for some haunted happenings and some fun!
I recognize the my eyelashes are OUT OF CONTROL to say the least, but we all wore some crazies. also have i ever told you how OB-SESSED I am with carmel covered apples... {yum}
always such a cooperative photo taker.
see crazy lashes and lips.
witches of the upper west side
Im actually in some pictures thanks to Daron taking some of his own.
this is just a randomer for the pre-halloween dinner we hosted. i made dinner in a pumpkin. people said the liked it, but who really knows if it was actually good to anyone other than me.
the whole group
well... jordan's costume is what it is.
clark kent
melissa is real pretty!
we went on a duck tour in boston and it was a great way to check things out
they are cute.
andrea = so chic (i love this pic)

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