Wednesday, December 15, 2010


In October some of our favorite friends came to visit. Ryan and Whitney. It was so fun to have them in New York again
(we let them take Lola because we hoped it would make them want to come back wink, wink)

Whitney is a complete doll and I totally look up to her. (girl crush) She's so thoughtful and sweet. She spent one of her afternoons in the city (which was also one of the few time they get a break from their cutie new baby Davis) cleaning our apt to say thank you for letting us stay. This is after she already colored my hair for free since they stayed with us. What a treat! 

Naturally we did a bit of shopping!

I stole this awesome picture from whitney's blog. We of course hit up the shake shack down the street from us while they were here.

we also went to Norma's and experienced heaven.

It was dark in there and Im too busy to edit all these :) 

We spent an afternoon in CT roaming the cute towns and looking at the lovely leaves... one of my favorite things in fall.

We could not get the boys to take one normal picture so Im posting this as payback for making me set up the self timer a million times while they cracked up at their weirdness, haha.

we can't wait to see the howes again in february!

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Whitney said...

ahhh memories! What a perfect week. My mouth started watering when I saw the normas menu. I guess that means we need to come back and visit ;) I will inform Ryan asap. Miss you guys! Counting down until feb, and so is Davis!