Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have a problem

whenever I find something that I love I immediately panic about losing it, running out, or not being able to get more.
for example I bought one of these and now I own 5 in various colors.
//is this just me//
so anyways this issue of "anticipation" spreads to other aspects of my life besides shopping. when I go on vacation I panic about how fast it will go by before I have even left. sometimes I can't even fully enjoy the last few days because all I can think about is the saying goodbye and going home part.
//this drive jordan NUTS//
when I was reading jackie's latest post and I was convincing myself I needed a kindle and asap. I told myself it would actually be a good investment since I spend so much $$$ on books and I read so much. Im always carrying around heavy books. however it's a bad idea for two reasons:
a. I have about 10 brand new books in my night stand... that I just couldnt resist buying. so I should probably read those before I spend anymore on reading materials
b. Im counting down the days until the 2nd generation ipad comes out, which would make a kindle seem a little redundant.

so here's to me trying not to buy things I don't need... yet


mkbruin said...

First off, I totally have the buying multiples problem, especially at places like target where I'm getting a good deal. Secondly, the Kindle lights up my life, and I definitely recommend it if you're not going for the iPad. It is seriously genius. I've decided in my move, I'm limiting the initial batch of books and supplementing with Kindle. Only trouble is that there are too many books and not enough hours to just sit and read.

Hillary Ann Hubbard said...

i would go nook. for many reasons. inquire more within.