Monday, March 7, 2011

central coast

over the holiday Jordan and I decided while we were in California we were going to take a weekend trip up the coast to Santa Barbara. The drives is INSANELY beautiful. One of my besties {Alyssa} grew up there and so she and her husband Brady {see below} met us downtown after our drive up. 
We strolled down main street picked up a starbucks 
{which always reminds me of London when Im with Lyss because we order hazelnut hot coco}
then headed to the pier 
i guess the needy can't be bothered to actually sit in one place so they just set up shop and ask you to leave some $.  There are little camps lining the pier.
i love the sea
my husband ladies and gentleman.
 always makes it easy to get a good picture, this one comes complete with helmet hair a la road-trip
sisters pretty much.
surprisingly a lot of people ask us if we are sisters
oh hey giant pelican 
scary whale
nice whale
not quiet as good as shake shack but still dang good. also its close the beach so the habit wins.
we asked about 4 different people to take our picure, every single one came out like this
finally I propped the camera up and set up the trusty self timer.
{note brady trying to hold jordan's hand here... they love each other}
finally a decent one
in all his glory
We stayed in the most adorable Inn & Spa. It was in little really neat danish (swedish... something like that) town called Solvang. You sorta feel like you are in a foreign country for a minute when you get there. 
this place had the best chocolate
in my pjs hangin by a giant shoe. a good one I think.

can't wait to take another trip.


Ryan and Whit said...

I love Santa Barbara. Ryan and I drove up the PCH from Santa Monica to San Francisco while we lived there. The drive is truly breath taking! Gorgeous gorgeous photos! I especially am loving the last one of you and the shoe. :)

Ann Barlow said...

You and Lyss do look a LOT alike in that picture! Nonetheless, I've always thought the both of you to be absolutely stunning! Miss you.