Monday, March 14, 2011

this addiction is my own personal prision

apple TV has brought so many wonderful things (FNL) into our lives and this weekend it happened to be prison break.

if you have seen this show then you can understand how after watching the first episode J and I could not be stopped. 

we can came back from some friend's apt (after playing our first game of settlers of cantan, which was an experience in itself) around midnight and went straight to the TV. we then proceeded to stay up until 6am (yes the sun was coming up when we went to bed) watching episodes.

{side note: when I told carly about my all-nighter I said 
"ya know sometimes you just have to be reckless"
she responded with " uh, I think that might only be applicable to people who are never reckless, I mean really rarely cute loose"
BA HA, that's me isn't... not so much}

the sad thing about it is that 99% percent of the time I'm not even enjoying it. I am so stressed out about what's happening to the characters in each episode I can't relax. and moreover after each episode I'm so worried about what is going to happen to them next I can't be torn away from the TV.

yesterday after watching a few episodes J said
"I do really feel like I'm a prisoner to this show, what are we gonna do?"

no but really, someone help...


Aimee said...

Once you get to season 3 or 4, cant remember (the last season), its not as good. So once you get there it will be easier to take breaks. Until then, maybe you can just restrain yourselves to 1 or 2 episodes a night?

mkbruin said...

Hahaha, when I went to visit Drew at the University of Texas our freshmen year, some of her guy friends were having a real-time 24 marathon. They literally refused to sleep, go out for food, change clothes, etc. while watching 24. One of their girlfriends had come by midway through a season and they would not rewind or explain any of the back story to her. They did however sleep and take care of themselves between seasons I believe, oh the power of the television. It is like the 1950s when women would reschedule Dr. Appts for I Love Lucy.

Also, how do you like Apple TV? I haven't gotten cable yet and it is up for consideration on my list of options. Let me know.

::SARAH:: said...

I just blogged about this very addiction a few weeks ago! (You can read about here if you like:

I know how you feel--it's stressful to watch, yet soooo good! Season 1 is the best. Sadly about half way through Season 2 it starts falling flat, and takes a tragic turn for, dare I say, boring. :( I have fallen asleep numerous times and had to rewatch later. But I remember the good ol days on the edge of my seat, watching for 12hrs straight and missing church, and I vow to finish the whole series! We are starting Season 4 this week. :)