Saturday, May 15, 2010

are you kidding me?

this is the dialogue between J and I the other day

j: I have to tell you something, and you might not like it.
k:ok what?
j: I'm going with my mom to see Regis and Kelly tomorrow, my mom asked if you wanted to go, but I just decided I'd go because I knew it was last minute for you with work
k: haha,fair enough... who's going to be on
j: (faces lights up) that hatcher girl from that show you like- he means terri hatcher
k: desperate housewives? ohh!!!!! I like her, I wanna go!!!
j: hehe, sorry.
k: what are you so excited about
j: she's super hott!

the case of why J volunteered to go see Regis and Kelly without even asking me if I wanted to go instead... SOLVED.

the next morning via text

k: how was the show?
j: ok... she could make it so the whole cast of satc showed up to promote the new movie
k: are you KIDDING ME
j: yes
k: omg, thank goodness, I was going to die
j: well kinda terri really couldn't come but only Kristen Davis filled in.
k: I'm mad at you.

cest la vie

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Larry and Kendall said...

o my gosh!!! This is so freakin funny!!! I would have been full on pissed if the whole cast was there... luckily Kristen davis is my least favorite so it's okay! haha Love you gurl!!