Monday, May 17, 2010

never say never

It's offical, I'm taking a holiday in...

this June.
I NEVER thought I would miss Rexburg as much as I do and I never EVER thought I'd be so excited to be visiting. J was invited by the business department to speak at the Business Summit (a conference for the business students) and because I do miss Rexi so much I'm tagging along.

I must say the real reason I miss rexi so much is my friends though, I mean I have to give credit where credit is due, but regardless I can't say I'm not at least moderately excited to take part in a few Rexburg only traditions. I guess I'm excited because I know at the end of the weekend I'm going back to NYC and I won't have to decide between wingers/subway/hogi yogi every Saturday night.I can actually appreciate what tiny little rexi is. I'm just going to enjoy my sweet Rexburg and the things I love about it most!

Craigos l Swimming l Horkleys/DP l Rameriez l Beaver Creek l BYU-I l Bajio
what am I missing?
I guess what they say is true,
absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Jane said...

Oh no Kaitlyn, you're missing out on hot Rexburg new! Hogi Yogi went out of business! :) When you visit you should try the taco bus (yes, a bus) down the street from the roundabout, they have delicious carnitas tacos.

Dev & Di said...

rigby lake, bridge jumping, snowasis snowcones, the park (weird i forgot the name), nightgames, and of course your number one besties/roomates/girls for life :)

.kaitlyn. said...

omg you're right di. its going to be good times!!!!!!!!!!!