Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i killed the pasta

I'm a wretched cook. I try and try but its not in my nature. I'd love to say I'm one of those breezy wives who can whip up a souffle while doing yogalates, but I'm more the type who order's Patsy's ten minutes before my husband comes home because I'm busy watching modern family. {cest la vie} I've made noble attempts abd I haven't given up yet, but I have come to peace with my lack thereof.

here is the jist of the conversation J and I had last night:

J: "Honey, if I cook then you have to do the dishes"
K: "I'm so sick of doing all the housework myself though (whine whine) You always tell me if something is bugging you then do it yourself, so if it bugs you to cook with dishes in the sink then do them before you start. Besides I don't know why you need an empty sink its not like you ever put the dishes you cook with in the sink when you are done, or close the cabinets/put anything back in the fridge for that matter"
J: "Uh...regardless... whoever cooks shouldn't have to do the dishes"
K: "Fair enough, but I just did all the dishes so I felt like it was turn and you don't have to cook, when you come early I can cook"
J: "Right, you could cook... if the food tasted good..."
K: "RUDE! I make good stuff"
J: "Yeah I mean it's not all bad, some of its good, but we just have ... um different tastes..."

Hahaha normally I would not take this laying down, but after having dropped the entire plate of pasta the other night and burnt myself with corn on cob I have no choice but to admit my faults. I can't cook like J can.

It's things like Jordan's lime chicken tacos that keep our family together
well keeps our tummies full at least. 

{just one of those days I'm grateful to have found a man who can pick up where I lack}


MB said...

hahaha, I love the convo. It sounds so familiar.

Spencer and Sara said...

"We have.... different tastes"

France is said...

hahahah thats awfully cute. he said it nicely... i asked brandon if he would always be as honest with me as i am with him and his response was that he would say the right thing in the right time.