Wednesday, March 24, 2010

new years check up


channel di bergquist- I've been good about the skin care, but I'm not gonna lie... I'm so white this winter I won't be putting on the SPF for a little while when the sun finally comes out.

channel jane fonda- Well I had some good weeks and some bad weeks. I'm just starting to see and feel results as I'm beginning to master consistency. one giant helper is (best app ever)

channel betty crocker- well I pack lunches for myself most of the time Jordan is on a 5 dollar foot long kick. what it is yo.

channel heather warren- right now I'm reading Little Women and loving every second of it. Up next is Gone With The Wind

channel Amelia Lyon- I just finished a book and my first semester of class starts March 15th. Then NYU in the spring! JOY.

channel audrey hepburn- it's a work in progress.

channel gratitude- this is something I work on everyday. I have been keeping a grateful for list in my journal which I add to a lot and that has helped me stay focused.

channel by best self- idk, you tell me!

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MB said...

I've been pouting about not being able to do the NYU course with you for two days now....makes me sad :(