Thursday, June 3, 2010


When Brandon & Heather were in town (posts and pictures to follow) we went to the Met of course. We wanted to show them our favorite spot on the roof top. When got up there we saw a sea of bamboo. I must say it was pretty intense. 

I'm planning on going back soon for the walking tour. The NY Times explained it much better than I can.

"From April 27 through Oct. 31 the twin artists Mike and Doug Starn will be creating a site-specific installation that is part sculpture, part architecture and part performance. Called “Big BambĂș” it will be a monumental bamboo structure in the form of a cresting wave rising as high as 50 feet above the roof. Throughout the summer the artists and a team of rock climbers will lash together an intricate network of 3,200 interlocking bamboo poles with nylon rope, creating on the roof’s floor labyrinthlike spaces through which visitors can walk.
“Big BambĂș” is a perpetual work in progress — it will never quite be finished — that will evolve in three phases: first, the basic structure will be completed by the opening day; second, the eastern part will be built by the artists and rock climbers to a height of about 50 feet; third, the team will build the western part to about 40 feet high. Not only will visitors be able to watch the installation as it is constructed and walk through it, they will also be able to climb up the sides"

What an amazing idea right? This is way I love New York so much. There is always something amazing to discover.